Peacocks are rarely seen flying because that much majesty is hard to handle.

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Windows - Angel Olsen

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Angel Olsen - Windows

Get the fuck out of my face writing songs this good. 

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Leonid meteor shower off Sandy Hook, New Jersey. 1899;

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Nancy Liang

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time for haircut

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Adult women are now the largest demographic in gaming





Congratulations, gamer girls—you’re officially at the top of the food chain when it comes to games. A new study released by the Entertainment Software Association has revealed that adult women now occupy the largest demographic in the gaming industry. Women over 18 made up a whopping 36 percent of the gaming population, followed by adult men at 35 percent. 

….You know, as a Literature student I find the way the commentary written for this absolutely hilarious. It uses hyperbolic language such as “whopping” to accentuate the figures in the article to make it appear that “adult female gamers” are a massive majority.

Then you look at the statistics. It may debunk stereotypes slightly, but having a margin of 1% is not “whopping” - it’s not even “great”. Especially when you consider than male gamers as a whole are still a majority (52%). This article also doesn’t give numbers, nor the size of the study pools. For all we know, they only had a pool of 1000 people which isn’t a proper scientific study when assessing a national census. It’s nice to see that female gamers are equalling out to male gamers, but let’s not arbitarily make this a war of the sexes. xD

The language in the article is not an “arbitrary war of the sexes.” There is a war of the sexes in gaming, but it’s one that male gamers (as a group) have been waging against women for quite some time, with harassment, death threats, rape threats.  (Please read this in particular. You’ll notice they were forced to disable comments. Can you guess why?) Gamers and game companies have been long claiming that women flat out don’t play games at all, and thus don’t count as gamers, are not part of the audience, don’t deserve input, don’t deserve safe gaming spaces, don’t deserve more games that are made with women in mind (or at the very least, games that have more playable women characters and less overall sexualized violence towards women). This has been going on for years. Women who speak out about sexism in games, again, receive rape and death threats. 

This study doesn’t prove women are a huge majority over men, but when women are completely dismissed in general, a 1% margin IS a huge deal. It shows numbers well high enough to counter the “girls don’t game” myth. It shows that adult women outnumber teenage males, so gaming companies can no longer act like teen males are the only demographic worth pursuing. When half the overall audience is women, even though male gamers have long insisted that women gamers don’t count at all, that’s huge. That’s a whopping great big huge deal. 

Reblogging for great article and great commentary. 

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N C Wyeth

'You shall have homes' (Illustration for McCalls)


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25K retweets and I’ve lost count of how many death threats. Keep reposting. #Ferguson #Racism #Progress

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I got some buttons from the car boot yesterday… the bottom of the box I found this tiny old lady and a tree.
She has a tiny book in her hands, she looks kind.
I like her..she can stay.

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Ah yes, Colin Stetson


Laurence Le Constant: Feather skulls

After studying applied arts with a specialistion in fashion and textile design, she completed her education with studies in the Fine Arts at the Sorbonne and in couture at the cole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.

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Constellation of 69 bees, the symbol of the Empire and the emblem of the Guerlain family of “Eaux”.

Sylvie Deschamps, Maître d’art, handcrafts “The Festive Attire”, “L’Habit de Fête”, a covering designed as an imperial coronation robe. 

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"we can no longer protect you forever."
by Daniel Danger
24x36” five color screenprint.

Thursday 8/21/14: im posting this new print on tumblr, twitter, and instagram. reblog, retweet, or instagram this image with the title and #danieldanger and i, through some very scientific means, will pick one random follower who does this from each service on monday and send them a personalized copy for free. sound good? cool. shameless? yes.

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